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Shopify Shipit App

Shopify Shipit App is a connector app for syncing shipping details from Shopify store to your Shipit account. Once an order is received in Shopify store, you can open the order from the app and sync the data to Shipit dashboard. The integration support transportation companies like:
GLS, DB Schenker, UPS, Postnord, FedEx, Jetpak, Matkahoulto, Posti and more. Supports multiple delivery agents simultanously, so each shipping option in the store can be mapped to different transport services.

Pickup location services based on postal code is also supported, so your customers can see available pickup point or parcel lockers near your provided address. Enjoy!

How does the app work?

Step to sync label:
1) Create a order in Shopify
2) Open the newly created order
3) Choose “Open with shipit” menu from “More Actions” menu
4) Click “Create” button

Get started

1.  Install the app from:

2. Sign up for Shipit account if you don’t have one already:

3. Configure the settings page.

4. Make a test order from Shopify. Afterwards access Shipit App and manually sync the order details into Shipit account. Once sync is initiated it might take up to 10 minutes before it shows up in your Shipit dashboard.

5. If you experience any problem, please contact our support at

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Pickup points on checkout:



Shopify Shipit App price is $10 USD per month including 1000 orders sync each month. Sync above 1000 orders per month is charged additionally $10 USD for 1000 extra sync, i.e.