Shipit MyCashFlow App

Shipit MyCashFlow App

Shipit is a logistics service that enables you to ship your customers' orders by using the services of the most popular logistics companies. Additionally, the service includes several international delivery services.

Installation and setup

You can enable the Shipit service in your online store's admin panel, on the page Account > Apps > Shipit. On this page you can either order new credentials or use your already existing Shipit credentials.

Enabling Shipit in the online store involves the following stages:

  • Enabling the extension

  • Ordering new credentials or entering existing ones in the store's admin panel

  • Activating payment methods in Shipit

  • Creating a shipping method to use with Shipit in the online store's admin panel

To enable Shipit, first go to the Account > Apps > Shipit page, and click Enable.

Enabling the extension is free of charge. Extensions are not available in MyCashflow Free plan.

MyCashFlow Shipit App User Guide